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Chilli Chicken (Indo Chinese)
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Summary: Chilli Chicken is a dry or thick gravy chicken recipe cooked in Soya sauce served by the Chinese community of Kolkata. This version of Chilli Chiken is nothing but Wok tossed stir-fried chicken but more Indianized. You can serve Chilli Chicken with plain rice, with fried rice or with chowmien.

A kolkata special-Tangra Type Chilli Chicken
Introduction: Like the curry took over the London Fine dining, Chilli Chicken did the same with the otherwise Macher Jhol Bhaat eating Bengalis. The Chinese Community from Canton settled at Tangra, a place on the eastern fringe of Kolkata post World War II. Initially they made their living out of Dentistry, Leather processing and shoe making. In late 1970s different environmental agencies forced the Leather Processing units to move out of the city limits of Kolkata. Many of the Tannery owners sold out their business, but a few tried their luck with an alternative business opportunity as a restaurateur. Rest is the history; Kolkatans were swept off of their feet for the Chinese food (say Tangra Style Chinese). Chinese Restaurants started mushrooming at the every corner of the otherwise dingy lanes of Tangra (China Town) dishing out Hakka Noodle, Chilli Chicken and Drums of Heaven. We are sharing an authentic recipe collected from one young Chinese friend from Tangra, who wanted to be an animator.
500gms Chicken breast skinned and boned
Salt to taste
1 Tablespoon White Pepper
1 cup white cooking oil for deep frying
2 Medium Red Onions, diced in medium size
½ a pod of Garlic, about 7-8 flakes roughly chopped 
Enough Corn flour for coating chicken pieces
6-8 green chillies, deseeded and chopped diagonally
½  Cup water
¼ Teaspoon of MSG(Aa-ji-Nomoto)
¼  Cup Dark Soya sauce
¼ Cup Light Soya sauce
2 Teaspoon corn flour mixed in ½ Cup Water
1 Tablespoon white Cooking Oil
>Cut the Chicken into 1 inch cubes or bite size pieces
>Keep in a mixing bowl and sprinkle with little salt and half of the White Pepper powder
>Set aside for 15 minutes
>Now sprinkle enough Corn flour to coat the chicken pieces
>Shake off any extra corn flour
>Heat 1 cup white oil in a Wok and deep fry the chicken pieces in batches
>Fry till they turn into nice Golden colour
>Drain the oil and keep aside
>Now remove the oil from the Wok (Retain for future frying)
>Add 1 tablespoon cooking oil and heat
>Add the Onions, Garlic and chopped chillies and fry quickly for 30 seconds on high heat
>Add the deep fried Chicken pieces and stir for another 30 seconds
>Add very little salt, rest of the white pepper and MSG crystals
>Stir and fold well by shaking the Wok in a forwardly motion and cook for 30 seconds
>Now pour in the Soya Sauce (both the dark and light sauce)
>Cook for 2 minutes
>Now pour in the Corn flour mix at the centre of the Wok
>Wait for 10 seconds and then fold well to coat all the chicken pieces nicely
>Chilli Chicken is ready to go with a plate of Hakka Chow Mien or Mixed Fried Rice

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