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"I appreciated your recipe for Lau Doga Sukto- Bottle Gourd Stew (Bengali-vegetarian). I found bottle gourd and huge bunches of the stems & leaves at the Farmer's Market today (Berkeley, California). Bottle Gourd is unusual here in California and I've never cooked it before, so I was so happy to find your blog site Rice-n-Curry. Your recipe was delicious!"
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Lau Doga Sukto-Bottle Gourd Stew (Bengali-vegetarian)
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A lightly spiced stew with bottle gourd and bottle gourd twigs, excellent for summer time to have with plain white rice

Lau Doga Sukto-Bottle Gourd Stew 
Introduction: Bottle Gourd(Lagenaria siceraria) cooked with Bottle Gourd Twigs is a classical summer time recipe. The soft and succulent Bottle Gourd that is high in water content and vitamins combines with good fibers of the plant itself with its distinctive taste, smell and texture. A truly Bengali delicacy, Lau Doga Sukto is one of those healthy summer time treat that keeps the body and mind cool.
Lau Doga Sukto Recipe:
Preparation time 10 minutes
Cooking time 15 minutes
Serves 4
Difficulty Level Medium
10-12 Lau Doga or Twigs of Bottle Gourd Plant, tendrils removed and leaves retained with stems
1 fresh and small Bottle Gourd of about 800gms, skinned and cut into thin triangles
4-5 whole green chillies
1 Tablespoon cooking oil
1 Bay Leaf
½ Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
½ Teaspoon Sugar
Salt to taste
2 Tablespoon juice of fresh Ginger
2 Tablespoon of Ghee
A pinch of whole Methi Seeds/Fenugreek Seeds
½ Teaspoon Freshly Grounded Black Mustard Seeds
Little corn flour/ wheat flour mixed with 2 tablespoon of water 
Wash the cut Twigs thoroughly by changing water 3-4 times to remove all darts and sands
Wash the cut pieces of Bottle Gourd as well
In a Kadai or Wok heat the cooking oil and the add the Bottle Gourd and whole green chillies
Cook for few minutes and then add the Bottle Gourd Twigs
Fold well and continue cooking, make sure to push the leaf and twigs at the bottom of the Kadai
Now add the Turmeric powder, little salt and the sugar to it and stir well
Moisture should be out from the gourd as well as the greens
Cover the wok and lower the heat and cook for 15 minutes
Uncover and check, the gourd pieces should be partially wilted, leaves should be soft and succulent and the stems should be tender 
Check the seasoning and adjust salt
Now in a separate pan or Kadai heat the Ghee
Add the whole methi seeds and the grounded mustard seeds
A nice aroma should come
Pour in the cooked stuff into the ghee and stir well
Now pour in the freshly extracted ginger juice and mix well
Check the consistency and pour in the corn starch/ wheat flour mix and stir well
This will give a nice coat of the tasty gravy to the vegetables
Pour in a serving bowl and cover to retain the aroma
Cool and serve with plain white rice
Note: Please don’t add any water, allow the vegetables to cook in its own moisture
Don’t add more Turmeric than specified, this recipe has a cool white look
Don’t add any Red Chilli either whole or powdered